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The blog below is a general summary of what is arriving on a weekly basis. The things we mention below will appear online fairly quickly, then get to the Leeds shop the following week, usually on the Thursday.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

News of the Brews - October 2016

Hot excitement in the warehouse today, as a shipment from the USA has touched down. Fresh off the boat (and they've been shipped under refrigeration) we have a trio of cans from the much-lauded Modern Times brewery - Black House (5.8% coffee stout), Blazing World (6.8% hoppy amber ale), Fortunate Islands (7.6% American wheat ale) and Oneida (5.8% American pale ale).

On the same shipment, 5 beers from Green Flash: Soul Style IPA (6.5%) and Tangerine Soul Style IPA (6.5%), plus in bombers we have Cosmic Ristretto (8.2% Baltic porter with espresso). And in cans we have Sea to Sea Zwickel (4%) and Passion Fruit Kicker (5.5%)

But that's not all! from Green Flash's sister company Alpine, we have another 3 beers: Duet (7% IPA), Willy Vanilly (4.9% wheat beers flavoured with vanilla), and Hoppy Birthday (5.25% session IPA)

We get asked about gluten-free beers lots, so we were delighted to find out that the beers from Manchester’s First Chop are not only gluten-free, but also damn tasty and attractively packaged. Their tagline of “modern British ale handcrafted in Manchester” sums up what they’re about, and the range of beers is extensive: RED (4.6% red ale), AVA (3.5% hoppy golden ale), SUP (3.9% session IPA), JAM (4% mango pale ale), POD (4.2% vanilla stout), SYL (6.2% black IPA), POP (5.4% citrus IPA), MCR (4.4% pale and dry bitter), and HOP (4.1% ultra-pale session IPA).

Magic Rock have snuck out a couple of new core beers, both of which previously appeared as specials. Inhaler is a 4.5% “juicy pale ale” (it was described as a “hybrid IPA” for a while, as Magic Rock MD Richard Burhouse can’t bear the term “session IPA”) and Common Grounds, a 6% triple coffee porter (it has three different coffees added at three separate stages).

The three-way brewery argy-bargy between Wild Beer Co, Fork Brewing and Burning Sky better known as Shnoodlepip makes its annual return! This year, the 6.5% passion fruit, hibiscus and pink peppercorn red-wine barrel-aged bretted saison (honestly, that’s what it says on the bottle) is packaged in 75cl, wax-dipped bottles.

Ghost Brewing join the happy fold of great Yorkshire breweries making absurdly drinkable pale ‘n’ hoppy beers, in three different strengths. Wraith (3.8% oatmeal pale), Reaper (4.4% session IPA) and Phantom (5.3% IPA).

Also flying the flag for South Yorkshire, we have added another beer from the ever-popular Kelham Island Brewery Riders on the Storm is a 4.5% amber ale made with lots of English and American hops.
Almasty Brewing Co have unleashed a brace of their magical elixirs onto the unsuspecting public. Almasty Pale Ale (5.1% pale ale, canned) literally does what it says on the tin, while Sour Mash (5%) is a spectacularly good sour beer that has been greatly enhanced by 9 months in Bourbon barrels.

We’ve had a re-up from Fierce Beer, including the much-requested Ginja Ninja (5.2% pale ale with ginger, lemongrass and habanero) and a slice of the ultra-limited Barrel-Aged CafĂ© Racer (9% imperial barrel-aged porter with coffee and vanilla – one case per order, sorry, there were only 70 cases made, of which we have just 10)

Lost Industry are one of Sheffield’s best-kept secrets. Brewing on a tiny plant allows them to chop and change beers as the fancy takes them, and also means that there beers are a bit hard to come by. We’re delighted to be working with them, and our current stocks are: Cascadia Germania (4.7% pan-Atlantic pale ale with German Cascade hops), Zeste de Sariette (6% lemon and bay saison), Biscosity (6.5% biscotti Baltic porter) and Foraged Berry Sour (4.7%).

Arriving shortly, we have a trio of canned beers from Manchester’s Alphabet Brewing Co, and very handsome they look too. A to the K (5.4% oatmeal pale ale – the oatmeal gives the beer more body in the mouth), Hoi Polloi (4.8% pilsner) and Flat White (7.8% white breakfast stout).

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Reduced Delivery Charges! And a Free Beer With Every Order!

Just a quick post to update you with our current mail order offers. We are currently offering delivery for a fiver (reduced from the standard courier charge of £8.66). And we are also putting a free beer in with every order.

That's a fiver delivery, plus a free beer. What are you waiting for? Get shopping!

Monday, 22 August 2016

Leeds Beer Week - Starts Sunday 28th August

Just a quick post to let you know what we're going to be doing for the inaugural Leeds Beer Week, which runs from Sunday 28th August to Tuesday 6th September. Yes, that's a bit longer than a week, but this is Yorkshire, so everything is bigger and better than normal.

As one of the elder statesmen of the Leeds beer scene (only North Bar is a little older than us), we're delighted to be supporting Leeds Beer Week by carrying out a week-plus long programme of tasting at our shop, Beer-Ritz, 14 Weetwood Lane, Leeds, LS16 5LX.

Over the course of the week-and-a-bit, we will always have tasters available from some of the leading lights of the UK brewing scene. These include: The Kernel, Magic Rock Brewing Co, Siren Craft Brew, Burning Sky, Ilkley Brewery, Saltaire Brewery, Fallen Brewing Co, Brewdog, Fierce Beer, Mad Hatter Brewing Co, Wiper & True, Bristol Beer Factory, The Runaway Brewery, Burning Sky, Bad Seed BreweryRoosters Brewing Co, Wylam Brewery and Weird Beard Brew Co and Wild Beer Co

By our reckoning, that's at least couple of beers a day, every day, being poured for your enjoyment, free of charge. We'll be letting everyone know what is being poured via Twitter and Facebook. And every evening, we'll be opening a seriously aged bottle from our cellar stash.

Please do pop in and see what all the fuss about!

Thursday, 25 February 2016

News of The Brews - February 2016

Those tirelessly creative sorts at Buxton Brewery have been at it again, this time on a Belgian tip. In the grand monastic tradition of abbey brewing, they have produced a Patersbier (4%), Dubbel (7%) and Tripel (9%). As I’m sure you know, Patersbier is the beer that the monks would drink as their table beer, filling the role of the single in the single – double – triple trinity. But that’s not all! We also have Gooseberry Cove (4.7%, gooseberry sour) and Anglo-Belgique IPA (6.8%), which is a slightly tweaked version of Axe Edge, brewed using the same yeast as the Belgian series.

We’re glad that sales of Fallen Brewing have picked up drastically lately. We think they are a terrific brewery, but in an increasingly crowded market place, it took a while for everyone to catch on to their greatness. A recent delivery has brought a re-stock of their core range: Platform C 6.3% IPA, Just The Ticket 4% session IPA, Local Motive 3.9% session IPA, Grapevine 5.4% new world pale, Citra Odyssey 4.1% hoppy blonde ale, Chew Chew 6% salt caramel milk stout, Blackhouse 5% smoked porter.

You know what fans we are of Arbor Ales – and so are you – so we’ll keep this brief. One new beer, and a couple of returning favourites: Yakima Valley IPA (7%) is back in stock, along with Monsoon Saison (6.4%, brewed with cardamom and coriander), plus a new arrival in the form of Argy Bargy (10.4% black barleywine), a three-way collab with Hopcraft Brewing and Steel City Brewing.

Brewdog. What are they like, eh? As they slowly grow to become the size of the global mega-corps that they despise, there is one constant – the beer, which seldom, if ever, disappoints. Graduating from the recent prototype series, we have a new listing for Jet Black Heart (4.7% oatmeal milk stout). We’ve not yet mentioned it in a flyer, but many of you will be aware of Albino Squid Assassin (7.4% rye IPA in a can), and we have just received stocks of a couple of their super-premium beers, Dog D (16.1% barrel-aged imperial chocolate chili stout) and Sink The Bismarck! (41% freeze-distilled IPA)

I’d like to be writing that I’m looking at a pallet of Cloudwater Brew Co beers at the moment, but the path of true love seldom runs sweet. It’s come and gone all too rapidly, with the next instalment of DIPA (9%ish) arriving in mid April, We currently have Imperial Stout (75cl 11.2% - Cloudwater brewery have been “black and tanning” this with their DIPA, the dirty swines), Seville Orange Sour (3.5%), Lapsang Lichtenhainer (3.6% smoked tea sour), and Black IPA (6%).

A couple of new beers from Wild Beer Co is always a reason to, er, have a couple of beers. Witness (5% bretted pale ale) and III (presumably pronounced “three” rather than “ill”, a 10% barley wine with caramelised orange zest and pomegranate molasses).

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

News of The Brews - January 2016

We’re not sure what Arbor Ales are putting in their beers at the moment – we think it’s mostly hops – but it’s clear that everyone is enjoying it. We have some old favourites back in stock – Why Kick A Moo Cow (5.5% New Zealand pale ale), C-Bomb (4.7% Citra-heavy pale ale), plus some new beers too – Boomtown Brown (5.3% hoppy American rye beer), Some Kind of Wise Guy (4.6% Citra-spiked American pale ale), The Devil Made Me Brew It (5.5% hoppy stout), and Gingerbread Saison (6.2%, with stem ginger). If that’s not enough to set your pulse racing, you need to seek medical help.

Buxton Brewery were very highly rated by the online community in many year-end polls - correctly, in our opinion. We have Wild Boar (5.7% pale ale) and Axe Edge (6.8% IPA) back in stock, plus some more Double Axe (10% double IPA, catch it while you can), Trolltunga (6.3% gooseberry sour IPA), plus a many others as listed.

Tempest Brewery continue their irresistible rise to greatness, combining alarmingly reasonable prices with stunningly well-made beers – they’re our tip for 2016, if you haven’t tried them yet. We have good stocks of their hop-heavy core beers – Armadillo (3.8% session ale), Face With No Name (6% IPA), Long White Cloud (5.6% American pale ale), Brave New World (7.4% IPA) – plus limited stocks of their wonderful barrel-aged Scotch ale Old Parochial (10%)

Siren Craft Brew have unleashed yet more of their ambrosial Caribbean Chocolate Cake (7.4%) on the world – and with a wintry turn on the weather, it couldn’t be better timed. Also new out, Pompelmocello (6% IPA with grapefruit and lactose), and a welcome return to their dry-hopped Berliner weisse Calypso (4%). Plus lots more – do check out the list.

Weird Beard have re-brewed their popular chokeberry (no, it’s real, honest) IPA Safeword (6.6%), and we have the current release of their double IPA Holy Hoppin’ Hell (9.5%). Plus of course we have plenty of their core range beers too.

The phrase “brand extension” makes me want to slam my fingers in a drawer and run screaming from such hideous marketing speak, but that’s just what Harviestoun have done with their luscious porter Old Engine Oil. A little tweak with raspberries has given us Raspy Engine (5.3%). It’s Old Engine Oil with added raspberries. What’s not to like?

And continuing the “brand extension” (*gags*) theme, one of our most popular beers, Wiper & True’s delicious milk stout Milk Shake has been given a bit of a re-boot by the brewery. Hard Shake (6.1%) is a slightly tweaked and boosted version. It’s like Milk Shake, but more so. I’m not sure what else to say.

And finally, late for Christmas (as it always is), but still a welcome sight, Sierra Nevada Celebration (6.8%) has just taken up temporary residency in the warehouse.