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The blog below is a general summary of what is arriving on a weekly basis. The things we mention below will appear online fairly quickly, then get to the Leeds shop the following week, usually on the Thursday.

Thursday, 13 August 2015

News of the Brews - August 2015

A new listing for Chorlton Brewing Co has brought a range of interesting and idiosyncratic brews. Majoring on sours, but with other forays into slightly more traditional brewing, we have Amarillo Sour (dry-hopped sour, 5.6%), Ahtanum Sour (dry-hopped sour, 5.8%), Woodruff Berliner (Berliner weisse with woodruff essence – the traditional Berliner accompaniment - 3.8%), Farmhouse IPA (7.5%) and Sandalwood Ale (amber ale aged over sandalwood, 6.7%).

Our shiny new friends at Vocation Brewery have released a couple of new beers. Divide & Conquer (black IPA, 6.5%) and Life & Death (IPA, cans only, 6.5%) join their compadres Pride & Joy (American pale ale, 5.5%) and Heart & Soul (session IPA, 4.4%). If you haven’t tried these yet, please do - they are very much on our “go to” list.

You may have already gleaned this from our weekly mailout (let us know if you’re not receiving these), but Wild Beer Co are the latest brewery to have heavily invested in a canning line, with excellent (and handsome) results. We are currently holding stocks of their Madness IPA (6.8%), Fresh Pale Ale (5.5%) and Bibble (session ale, 4.2%). We also have some of their new annual release The Blend (geuze-style multi-aged wild-fermented blend, 4.7%)

Arbor Ales have bolstered their current range with some specials. Red Henry (5.5%) is a red ale made with German and English malts, plus four different American hop varieties. Motueka IPA (6.7%) does what it says on the bottle, and Fuzzy Logic (7%) is a Nelson Sauvin-hoped saison, enhanced with the addition of several hundred kiwi fruit. Oh, and by popular demand, we have both their Yakima IPA and peerless, award-winning Breakfast Stout back in stock too!

Cloudwater Brewery have a few new releases too. US Hopfenweisse (5.2%), Cream Ale (5.2%), and Grisette (saison, 3.5%, dated 16.9.15) join summer core beers Summer IPA (6.8%) and Session IPA (4.5%).

Despite best efforts from the brewery, supplies of Beavertown beers continue to be a bit patchy. A delivery scehduled to arrive Friday 14th August should mean that we will have stocks of Gamma Ray (5.4%), Neck Oil (4.3%), Quelle Saison (summer special dry-hopped saison, 4.1%), Smog Rocket (5.4%), Holy Cowbell (5.6%), as well as a tiny allocation of juice-spiked sours Lemon Phantom (3%) and Yuzilla Phantom (4.5%). 

A delivery from Siren Craft Brew has brought a new special – All Bretts Are Off (4.5%), a 100% brett-fermented English-style bitter, brewed in collaboration with Colorado’s Crooked Stave brewery. We also have a re-brew of their Hill Farmstead collab Love Of Work, to augment the total number of Siren beers to EIGHTEEN (count ‘em!)

Some one-liners to finish off:

The ever-excellent Thornbridge have released a strawberry-infused blond ale called I Love You Will You Marry Me (4.5%). 

Marble have just released La Petite Toulousaine (4.7%), a pale ale with grapefruit and lemongrass.

Tempest have added Farmhouse Ale (saison, 5.1%) to their excellent and extensive range of superb and reasonably-priced beers.

Friday, 3 July 2015

News of the Brews - July 2015

We’re really excited about this new listing. Vocation Brewery haven’t been in action very long, but they’ve hit the ground running, and the two beers we have from them currently are both excellent. Heart & Soul (4.4% session IPA) and Pride & Joy (5.3% American pale ale) are the opening two beers from a range of four. As a calling card, these look and taste great.

This year’s collab from Wild Beer Co and Beavertown Brewery has just hit the warehouse. Blubus Maximus (5.5%, 75cl only) is gently tart fruit beer, subtly enhance with bay leaves and ton of blueberries. That’s not a figure of speech – it was literally a ton. Also just arrived is their summer seasonal Cool As A Cucumber (2.9% cucumber saison)

Continuing the West Country collab theme, Arbor Ales have a brace of collabs in their current range. First, a wonderfully aromatic red ale with Italian craft brewery Mezzo Passo. Basta Rosse (5.5%) is chock full of delicious Mosaic and Cascade hops. And secondly, Bonsai (6.5%) is a collab IPA with Welsh urchins Tiny Rebel.

Cloudwater Brewery have upped their output substantially, so we hope to feature their beers as a permanent listing, subject to brewery supply. We currently have IPA (6.8%), Session IPA (4.5%), Lager (5.5%) and Simcoe Hopfenweisse (6%).

A pallet from Siren Craft Brew has yielded 4 (count ‘em!) collab specials. Mum’s The Word (5.5%), a cherry and chipotle milk porter, is a collab with Arizona Wilderness Brewing. Uncle Zester (8.5%) a sour-citrus braggot (a mead-beer hybrid – lots of honey here) is a collab with B. Nektar of Ferndale Michigan. Quadrophenia (9.3%), a quadruppel-style dark ale is a collab with Jackie O Brewery of Athens Ohio. And closer to home, Mrs Brown (9%) is a bourbon-aged imperial brown ale with maple syrup and pecans, brewed in collab with Huddersfield’s very own Magic Rock Brewing.

Pressure Drop have added a new IPA to their range. ENZ (7.1%) is a south pacific IPA, heavy with New Zealand hops. Also back in stock is their summer witbier Wallbanger (4.7%), Pale Fire (4.8%), Bosko Absoluto (9%), Wu Gang Chops The Tree (3.8%) and Street Porter (6.5%).

On the American front, we currently have stocks of Odell Runoff Red IPA (6.5%), shortly to be joined (w/c 29th June) by their IPA (7%), summer seasonal St Lupulin (6.5%), Loose Leaf (4.5%), and Cutthroat Porter (4.8%). Summer beers from Brooklyn and Anchor are also currently in stock.

Weird Beard Brew Co have just released Upside To A Down Day (5.5%), a breakfast black IPA, and we currently have stocks of their always-popular Little Things That Kill (3.9%), Faceless Spreadsheet Ninja (5.5%), Hive Mind (5.6%) and Dark Hopfler (2.5%), as well as their extensive core range.

Ilkley Brewery have carried out a bit of light rebranding to their Mary Jane IPA. This has been repackaged in 33cl bottles, in packs of 12, and shall henceforth be known as Mary Jane Export (6%).

Friday, 10 April 2015

News of the Brews - Buxton Brewery, Weird Beard, Ilkley Brewery / Yeastie Boys, Arbor Ales

Good afternoon, and hasn’t it been a lovely week? Actually spring-like. Hot news this week:

Buxton Brewery have released Two Ton IPA, an 11% imperial IPA, which is sure to sell fast, and we also have their dry-hopped Berliner weisse Far Skyline back in stock. (available online now, and in-store at BeerRitz Leeds from Monday)

A delivery from Weird Beard has brought all manner of new goodies, notably: Saison 14, a dry-hopped saison, Single Hop Centennial IPA, a beast of an IPA, a slightly tweaked version of their ESB-style Boring Brown Beer, and also Weird Brodmance, an imperial maple syrup stout collab with Brodie’s, bottled in bombers for extra shareability. (available online now, and in-store at BeerRitz Leeds from Monday)

The Ilkley Brewery / Yeastie Boys collab 3.74 Degrees is in the warehouse, waiting to be unleashed on an unsuspecting public. It’s a Feijoa green tea-infused Belgian blonde session ale (it says here). If you’ve had the Yeastie’s Gunnamatta (Earl Grey IPA), it’s in a similar vein. If you haven’t, well, buy some and find out. (available online and in-store at BeerRitz Leeds now)

Durham Brewery’s seasonal spring release Raspbeery Saison is now available – as you might guess, it’s a saison infused with fresh raspberry, spritzy, fruity and refreshing. (available online now, and in-store at BeerRitz Leeds from Monday)

Arbor Ales have a couple of new beers in their range – MB Bomb, showcasing the exuberantly fruity Mandarina Bavaria hop, and Chai Guy Pale Ale, which is chai-spiced collaboration between three breweries called Arbor (Bristol UK, Michigan USA, and Bangalore India) and Bristol’s Chai Guy (a street food vendor who both peddles and pedals his wares in a rickshaw – look, I swear I’m not making this up, as unlikely as it all sounds). (available online now, and in-store at BeerRitz Leeds from Monday)

We're also updating our clearance beers section, both online and in-store at the Leeds shop. There are both short-dated beers, and some genuine overstocks, which represent bargains with a couple of months date left on them.

I think that’s quite enough for now, don’t you?

Friday, 20 March 2015

News of the Brews - Renaissance Brewing, Marble, Flying Dog, Wild Beer Co

What news this week? We were hoping to be able to tell you about some exciting new European imports, but as they haven't landed yet, that will have to wait until next week. So:

We have a small amount (single cases, in some instances) of Renaissance Brewing beers left - Black the RIPA (6.3%), Voyager IPA (6%), Stonecutter Scotch Ale (7%) and Perfection Pale Ale (5%).

Our range of Marble beers (currently Manchester Bitter, Lagonda, Chocolate and Ginger 5.1) also now includes Marble Brew 900 “Underneath The Arches”, a 9% Belgian-style hoppy thing.

Gluten-free beers appear to be on the up, so we've added Brewdog Vagabond Gluten-Free Pale Ale (4.5%) to our range, along with their new imperial IPA, the snappily-titled "Restorative Beverage for Invalids & Convalescents" (8.7%) (look, I promise I'm not making this up).

If palate-ravaging imperial IPAs are your thing (and they are mine), you'll be pleased to know that Flying Dog Single Hop Imperial IPA (10%) has just landed. The hop in this beast is the romantically-named HBC-431, a hop so new that it doesn't have  a proper name, but delivers lots of tropical fruit, citrus and melon, along with a distinct whiff of dank.

Those crazy guys at WildBeer Co have just released Tom Yum Gose. Gose is a tart, salty beer, and Tom Yum soup is a Thai speciality featuring lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, chili, and lime zest. This beer combines these two in a tart, salty, chili-spiced, aromatic lemongrass and lime-bomb. Nothing weird about that, no siree. And their Madness IPA has just been voted supreme champion keg beer at the SIBA BeerX.

BEAVERTOWN UPDATE **bangs massive gong** As you may have heard, Beavertown have been afflicted with various production problems of late, with very little canned beer coming out of the brewery. We are now completely out of stock of all Beavertown canned beers, with a delivery of Neck Oil, Holy Cowbell, Smog Rocket and Black Betty due towards the end of next week (around the 26th). A further delivery of Gamma Ray is about a week behind that (early April), and 8 Ball Rye IPA another week behind that.

We’re getting quite a few enquiries about seasonals from Sierra Nevada. Due to a change in agency, it seems as though there is now less focus on the import of smaller volume seasonals, and more emphasis on the core range, so we are unable to say for sure what is happening with the seasonal and smaller-volume specials. However, it seems as though there won’t be any Bigfoot or Ruthless Rye this year. Apologies for this, but it is out of our hands.

And that's all the news that's fit to drink!

Friday, 13 March 2015

News of the Brews - Thornbridge, Siren Craft Brew, Beavertown

Good afternoon, I hope this email finds you well?

We've got a lot of exciting new beers headed our way at the moment, but as usual, we'll try to confine ourselves to the exciting beer that we have actually seen in the warehouse already.

Our current, in-stock range of Thornbridge Brewery beers has now topped out at 23, which is a new record for any brewery we've ever stocked. Newbies to the range are Bamberg, a 6% smoked bock beer, and Jehanne, a 7.4% biere de garde. Also worth noting is the return of Charlie Brown, the 6.2% peanut butter brown ale, and yet more Jaipur X, their 10%, 10th anniversary imperial IPA. Oh, and Kill Your Darlings, their 5% Vienna lager. I could go on.... and on.....

Also in stock now, the current collab between Siren and Hill Farmstead, which is a delightfully spring-like 3.6% Earl Grey-infused golden ale. This is in addition to the current raft of specials mentioned in past mailers (Ardbeg barrel-aged Broken Dreams, Liquid Monstrous, Even More Jesus VIII)

BEAVERTOWN UPDATE **bangs massive gong** Neck Oil will be out of stock until the end of the month, and we have heard that there is another batch of Bloody 'Ell in the pipeline, probably about 6 weeks away. We have gone large on this. We've also added Holy Cowbell to our list - we were under the impression that this 5.6% "India Stout" (black IPA type thing) was just for Christmas, but apparently, it's not just for Christmas, it's for life.

AND FINALLY, a delivery from Buxton Brewery brings a restock of that superbly popular sour-pale hybrid Come Again, a collab with Evil Twin, plus their peerless strong stout, err, Stronge Extra Stout. GAME ON!

Friday, 2 January 2015


Yes, you read that title right, Rooster's canned beer is coming, and it's coming soon!!

With their progressive fingers on the beer market pulse, the Fozard brothers have made the decision to move into the canned beer market - a market that's got some fierce competition.. but somehow, we're not that worried about their chances.

Come SATURDAY the 10th of January (that's next weekend folks!) Beer Ritz will be hosting a Meet The Brewer, canned beer launch event, in house from our usual time of 3-5pm. This will be the official launch of Rooster's canned beer line, you won't be able to get it anywhere else! (yet) We'll have both Fozard brothers down to explain why they made the move and everything in between for you lucky beer lovers. And of course, there'll be plenty of food to go around to be paired with the beers which will be flowing! Crazy, not to miss deals will be on for the day with discounts off 6-packs and free Roosters Merchandise going so you'd be foolish to miss out..

This event is going to kick start a new era at Beer Ritz, the era of the canned beer. 2015 is going to see a vast swathe of canned beer coming through our shop from all over the globe, and a hell of a lot too! Join us on the 10th of January and we'll tell you all why.. And did we mention it's free to come down as well?

If you're not yet a craft can convert, come by to see the guys from Roosters between 3-5pm and we think... no, we KNOW you'll be convinced.