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Monday, 20 October 2014


When it comes to cutting edge beers new to the scene these days it'd be hard to find anyone who would leave Siren Brewery off their list of favourites. If you look at Rate Beer and those sort of sites, they've recently just been named the second best new brewery in the world for 2013! With beers on our shelves from the sublime QIPA to in your face and surreal Limoncello IPA there really is something for everyone.. They have also been pushing the boundaries in barrel aging beers for a while now.

It's because of this barrel aging prowess that we're going to be sampling some barrel aged IPAs on our tasting day. As a bit of a yin to the yang we will also be showing off some of their dark beers as a bit of an opposite... after all, they do do those dark beers o so well too!

So coming this Saturday the 25th (this week!) Sam and Gordon from the brewery will be coming up to take you fine customers through their wares whilst we supply with as much cheese and meat as you can possibly eat! Pop down anytime between 3 and 5pm to grab your chance to quiz the hottest guys on the brewing scene these days!

See you on Saturday!

Friday, 10 October 2014

Changes To Hours In December

It'd be lovely to have a crystal ball that could see into the future sometimes wouldn't it?

As we don't currently possess such an item we're going to have to look at facts. And the fact is that it'll soon (very soon) be December, and that can only mean one thing: CHRISTMAS BEER RUSH! Recently we've all been having talks and analysing sales figures for December in past years, and we've come up with one conclusion: we're not open long enough!

So this year we're gonna try something new. In a way to try help you guys and girls get your hands on whatever beers you want we're going to be extending our opening hours for the first time in many years. Not only will this give us more time to get our shelves thoroughly stocked, but it'll also give you the extra shopping hours.

So from December the 1st our doors will be open at 10am and we will be closing at 9pm. This will be the case for nearly all of December right up to Christmas eve when we will shut at 6pm. Below is just a rundown of the changes which will follow;

December 1st         10am - 9pm
    |       |
December 23rd      10am - 9pm
December 24th      10am - 6pm
December 25th      Closed
December 26th      Closed

From December 27th we will be back to our normal hours of 12-9pm, until New years eve we we will close at 6pm and close the following New Years day.

With a bit of luck, these changes will go a little ways to making sure our customers don't leave disappointing this Christmas!

Thursday, 2 October 2014

What We're Drinking

Sweet Looking Artwork
Brewdog's little gift packs are a common sight these days in the shop, but the latest addition is a bit more interesting than their usual IPA is Dead offerings.

Russian Doll is a set of four beers that all have the same recipe.. What's the difference between them? Just the abv.. Same malt, same hops, same yeast, but used in different quantities to produce four different beer styles - Pale Ale, IPA, Double IPA and Barley Wine. It's very interesting to see how the abv changes the taste and qualities of a beer, it also plays a massive part in the colour of the finished product.

The range starts off with an easy drinking, lightly coloured Pale Ale - full of light citrus fruits, and bittersweet grassy hops. Moving up a step you find the IPA gaining a bit more body behind the malts. It's a beer that most people used to Brewdog's beers will enjoy. Move up again to the Double IPA and you get a beer that looks and tastes rather similar, but it's in the finish where things beef up and a big warming alcohol hit makes itself known. Finally on the ladder is the Barley Wine. The colour has gotten very dark now, and the abv much higher! It's a sweet and rich beer, almost one to have with your desert. Caramels, and earthy vegetal flavours abound mixing in with the warming boozy alcohol making something really special.

I'd recommended trying these beers before they run out!

posted by will