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Friday, 19 September 2014


Time for another meet the brewer beer tasting event at Beer Ritz!

Ilkley Brewery is one of our most popular breweries we stock. With everyone wanting local beer these days, and with such an epic range and great quality of beer like Ilkley's, it's really not hard to see why.

Come September the 27th we will be playing host to Ilkley brewer Christa Sandquist who is very knowledgeable about the beer she makes. She'll be bringing down two different beers for us to taste; The Mayan (a deep and rich chocolate and chipotle stout) and Siberia (a rhubarb saison) of which both she has good tales to tell about. We will also be providing food to go along with the beers, completely free of course..

If Ilkley beers take your fancy and you'd like to know more about them, or just fancy a couple of beer samples with people who might be able to change your mind about beer then come on down on the 27th!

The tasting will take place between 3-5pm, and is completely free to come and go from as you please. This is our 3rd last tasting this year, so don't miss out...

Friday, 5 September 2014

Leeds International Beer Festival 2014

photo by @leonstaff

So, I went to the opening of Leeds International Beer Festival last night (like a geek - or a boss, depending on who you ask).  Everything seemed in it's right place, like a well-oiled version of last year, with added neon.   I thought I'd take a moment to collect some thoughts about it while the experience was still fresh in my (slightly hungover) mind.  Here are some of them:

  • Leeds Town Hall is a quite a nice building isn't it?  Maybe the US & EU bars have a bit more of a soulless vibe, being cut off from the rest of the festival, but overall, it's a great venue.

  • Magic Rock destroy pretty much everyone.  Their Tequila-barrel-aged Slapstick is a delight. Wonderfully tart, smooth complex mouthfeel and VERY refreshing.  It's good to see a smaller UK brewery successfully barrel-aging beers, because I've had some (the breweries responsible shall remain uncredited) that were a sloppy mess.

  • Did I miss the Friends of Ham Teepee?   Is it hiding behind the party tent (see below)?

  • There's a "party tent" outside now.

  • This probably says something about the significant improvement in the availability of US beers in the UK over the past few years (and my jaded-beer-geek nature), however, there's nothing really available in the US bar that I haven't tried.  Of course, there's plenty of good stuff here, so if you haven't tried Founders or Stone, for example, do so!  Conversely, the European bar downstairs is full of nice surprises, with loads of stuff on keg I have never seen before in Leeds from Friegeist, Cervesa Marina, Camba, & Edge Brewing.

  • From what I tried last night, Freigeist does live up to the hype - nice gose, dudes.  Can we see gose more regularly?  N.B. this is a call to all brewers reading this to start brewing more gose.

  • Why is Buxton and Partizan not here?  I mean, I know there's a lot of good stuff available, but the absence of Buxton beer in particular, reminds me of how much I love Buxton beer.

  • Those free arcade machines in the US beer bar are going to be way more popular after everyone learns they are there.

  • Keep your eye on Northern Monk Brewing.  They might still be a bit rough around the edges (although their Black IPA was one of the better examples I've tried recently!), but once they get comfortable in their new brewery/brewpub (coming soon) - LOOK OUT!

  • In the foyer, you'll see Beer Ritz is not there this year.  Instead, there is Drew Millward.  He is selling some great screenprints and you should buy some of them.

Overall, Leeds International Beer Festival is clearly one of the better beer festivals in the country, on par with Indy Man Beer Con in Manchester - easily the best two festivals in the North and both are held in really great venues.   So, we got it pretty good up here!   What are your thoughts?  Feel free to comment below!

Posted by Jeff

Monday, 1 September 2014

What We're Drinking

It seems Bristol is quite the hotbed of activity when it comes to brewing and new breweries popping up these days. A couple of very popular notable mentions that we are currently selling through quite a bit of are Arbor and Bristol Beer Factory. While these two are hard to keep on the shelves at the moment it's worth while noting that we don't like to keep things static at Beer Ritz, and have just started stocking beers from Wiper & True brewery. W&T are new(ish) to the beer scene but you wouldn't think it looking at them and their beers! Take a read of their story here;

I personally have been enjoying quite a bit of their range since we got them in last Thursday. The Australian hopped Pale Ale is a delightfully refreshing beer and one that seems to be very popular with the regulars. I tried the Citra and Rye Amber Ale last night, and while I drank it before I had even thought about it I remember the juiciness of the Citra hops worked perfectly well balanced against the spicy rye malts. Another notable mention was the Quintet IPA. Now this is hopped with a few hops, one of which is Sorachi Ace - a big dislike of mine. While I could tell those hops were in this beer, I could still look past that and tell that this was a really well made IPA. Perfect balance, a bucket load of flavour, flawless.

Not tried a bad beer yet from Wiper & True, and don't think I will be doing...

Posted by Will