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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

What We're Drinking

Beer cans, beer cans, beer cans. We can't get enough and neither can you - we're selling more than we ever have before (if I had 50p for every time someone came into fill a box with cans for their festival weekend, etc.). At Beer Ritz, we stock cans from breweries Such as Brooklyn, Beavertown, BrewDog, Thwaites, Four Pure, Flying Dog, Sierra Nevada, and others. Despite "traditional views", cans actually offer many advantages over bottles, being more portable, completely sealed (keeping your beer fresher longer), easier to chill, and actually allow no light to enter which can be detrimental to a beer's freshness. Everyone on board?*

Today's beer can of choice comes from the Thwaites Brewery's "Crafty Dan" range, the 13 Guns American IPA. To be honest, I only bought it because it was cheap (£1.99!) but I'd say it delivers at least what the price tag suggests. Plenty of tropical fruit flavors of mango, passionfruit and grape skins come from the use of 6 different (mainly US) hops in the brew. This beer has plenty in common with other bigger US IPAs such as Flying Dog's Snake Dog or Ska Modus Hoperandi, albeit a bit more watery. However, Thwaites have certainty succeeded in making a solid reasonably-priced entry-level craft beer in a can, which is more than can be said for many upstart breweries of the totes-craft variety.

Here's to canning!

* if not, NPR ran a great story about the recent boom in beer canning which you can read about here -

Posted by Jeff

Monday, 25 August 2014

What We're Drinking

We are loving Mallinsons beers at the moment, we really can't drink enough of the stuff! While they do the odd dark beer, it's the single hopped pale ale range, which is constantly changing with the selection of hops they have, which draws us in every time for that end of the day drink. I currently believe that that their range of Pale Ales are some of the best in the shop, and Mallinsons are quickly becoming my favourite UK brewer. Consistently good quality, consistently fairly priced, perfect.

My latest hop crave is the Calypso verity. I had a couple the other night and it's one juicy beer! Lot's of green apple skin flavours mixed with lychee and peach flesh. Quite bitter sweet, floral and lots of citrus notes, it's a brilliant beer for any occasion, you should grab some before we all do!

Posted by Will

Monday, 18 August 2014


Next in line to come down to the shop for a beer tasting/meet the brewer event is Copper Dragon. Now it may be possible that Copper Dragon is the biggest brewery on our tasting list for the year, but don't go assuming that bigger breweries make blander beer like so many people think, it's just not true! (well, it is for a couple, but not Copper Dragon...) From the ever delicious summer type ale that is Golden Pippin to the dark and mysterious Black Gold, Copper Dragon is well known for delivering consistent beers of top quality. That's one of the reasons beers like Golden Pippin do so well, because when you order one, you know it's going to taste the way it should!

Rob Percival has been working at Copper Dragon for a while now, and it seems he's always the one that's trying to sneak in as much ingredients he can into the seasonal specials range they produce. A few of his main loves when it comes to brewing are ingredients like spicy malts hailing from Germany and extremely juicy hops from the USA and New Zealand.

It's these seasonal specials where Rob really gets to shine and show what he's made of as a brewer. Now unfortunately Copper Dragon don't (as of yet) bottle any of these specials, but that's not stopping us for this tasting! Rob will be bringing down a pin (that's about 36 pints!) of his recently released Summer Pale Ale which has been VERY heavily hopped with Galaxy hops for you lucky people to try for free! We will also be doing a promotion of 10% discount for all Copper Dragon bottles for the afternoon.

So, on the 30th of August, from 3-5pm pop down to see Rob (who can give you as much technical knowledge about beer as it's scientifically possible!) and drink some of his beer, which we assure you will be well worth the trip!