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Friday, 23 August 2013

Buying Beer Online - Site Upgrades

Without wishing to be too po-faced about it, we take this whole online beer thing seriously.

We've been doing it since 1998, which means that we're the longest-established online beer retailer in the UK. The market has changed radically in the last 15 years, with more breweries than ever before, peoples' tastes changing, and more people getting into the online retailing game.

In that time, the site has gone though 3 major redesigns. If you are so inclined, you can have a look at them via The Wayback Machine, which is essentially an archive of the internet. You can see the first version of our webshop here, and the second version here (minus images, sadly).

Nothing stands still for long, and when we relaunched the site a couple of years ago, we invested substantially to make sure that the shopping experience we delivered was as good as we could possibly make it. We have a live link to our in-house database, which means that barring human error booking stock in or out (yes, it's not all robots back here, you know), what shows on the site relates to actual stock.

But we know there's always room for improvement, so when writers Boak and Bailey wrote a blog about the frustrations of online beer, we thought it was a good opportunity to look again at what we do. Accordingly, we've made a few changes.

We've made a flag for any out of stock items, so that you don't have to click on them to discover if they are in stock or not. If something is on the site with an out of stock flag, this means that it will usually be back in stock within 7-10, barring supplier issues.

If you order more beer than we have in stock, we will automatically put the highest number of bottles possible in your basket.

We think our search facility works well, and we know that when you put something in your basket, clicking "Continue Shopping" will take you right back to where you were.

And in response to one of the commenters (Steve) we've added a button so that you can add beers to your basket.

We've also added the facility to add reviews to the site - we don't know how well this will work, but we're going to give it a go. That's going to be driven by you, the drinkers!

The nature of technology is that it moves fast, and we do try to keep up. There are some facilities that we would like to add, but we're currently held back by technology - for example, we'd like to be able to add a beer to the basket without being taken to the basket page, but this isn't possible on the platform that we currently use.

Anyway, stand by for an epic newsletter in the next couple of weeks, and in the mean time, keep shopping!