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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Christmas 2012

You might be in denial, but Christmas is coming, as it does every year. We hope that we’re ahead of the curve with this one, and we are now holding stocks of some old Christmas favourites, and some rather more exotic seasonal offerings.The Elf Army of RIDGEWAY BREWING are now available: Bad Elf (4.5%, 12x50cl), Very Bad Elf (7.5%, 12x50cl), Seriously Bad Elf (9%, 12x50cl), and Insanely Bad Elf (11.2%, 24x33cl). Also from Ridgeway, Warm Welcome (12x50cl, 6%), Santa’s Butt (12x50cl, 6%) Lump of Coal (12x50cl 8%) and Reindeer’s Revolt (12x50cl, 6%).

Local to us, NAYLOR’S BREWERY of Keighley have almost as prolific a range of seasonally-inspired beers. Santa’s Dark Side (4.4%, 12x50cl), Scrooge’s Xmas Barrel (5.9%, 12x50cl), Winter Warmer (4.9%, 12x50cl), Christmas Lights (3.8%, 12x50cl). Sam Smith’s Winter Welcome (6%, 12x55cl) is also currently gracing the shelves of our warehouse.Now, let’s ring the changes. Ding dong. We’ve got some Christmas beers from our favourite Danish beer mavens, MIKKELLER and TO ØL. From Mikkeller we have the spiced porter Fra Via Til (From Via To – it’s got a gift tag as a label, so you can just write the names on and ta-dah! An instant gift, 8%, 6x75cl), spiced Belgian-style quadruple Santa’s Little Helper (10.9%, 6x75cl), and the winter IPA spiced with ginger and pine Hoppy Loving Christmas (7.8%, 24x33cl). We also have the dessert beer Ris a la M’ale based on the Danish pudding risalamande – a sweet beer made with cherries and almonds. From To Øl, we have a dry-hopped saison designed to be the antidote to all the rich Christmas fare, Snowball (8%, 6x75cl).

Mikkeller and To Ol - Glædelig Jul!