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Friday, 17 August 2012

Mikkeller - So Good, The Danes Hate To See It Leave

It's hard dealing with a brewer who weaves his beers out of hummingbird tears and unicorn dreams. They are such rare and brilliant creatures that the supply of them is hit and miss at best, and when they are available, they disappear as quickly as a cloud of fairy breath on a cold day.

Happily, we've managed to lay in a bit of stock of Mikkeller's finest. Ready to go, right here, right now, we have the benchmark imperial coffee stout Beer Geek Breakfast (7.5%abv), brown ale Jackie Brown (5.9%abv), Koppi IPA (6.9%, and made with a very light roast coffee), Sort Gul (7.3%abv black IPA), and American Dream (4.6%abv hoppy pilsner). You can revel in their incandescent beauty here.

And as if this wasn't enough, one of Mikkel's compadres Tore Gynther, brewing as To ├śl, has kindly sent us some of his wares - Mocchaccino Messiah, a 7%abv brown porter with coffee, chocolate and lactose, Reperationsbajer, a 5.8%abv American pale ale, and Sans Frontiere, a 7% Belgian-style wild ale. Check them out here, afore it be too late.

Friday, 3 August 2012


Lager is one of those words that has become debased by over-use. The world's most widely consumed beer style has become shorthand for a sort of mass-produced product that some sectors of the market turn their noses up at. Which is a shame, because there are some real classics that fall under the "lager" heading.

Starting at the bone-dry end of the spectrum, Jever Pilsener is a pale and pungently hoppy pils that demonstrates what can be achieved with hops and little hop extract. Dry and bitter, this is a great aperitif. Moving into a slightly more balanced area, German and Czech beers such as Krombacher Pils, Augustiner Helles and Budweiser Budvar showcase a perfect balance of pale malt and noble hop character.

From there, you can go in one of two directions - more hops (Mikkeller P1 is a brilliant dry-hopped lager), or more malt, giving a fuller body and more alcohol. Alhambra Reserva is the only one of the Alhambra range that we stock - we delisted the others for being not being distinctive enough - but the Reserva at 6.4%abv is a full-bodied, malty delight.

And then we have Brew Star Anarchy Lager. At 7%abv, this is a smooth and luscious interpretation of a German bock beer, with sweet malt firmly in the foreground, but with a light dusting of hops keeping everything in its place in the finish. It's a bold beer to launch on to the market at a time when everyone seems to be obsessed with hops, but like everything we stock, we tried it, we liked it, and we think you will too, not just as a point of difference, but as a great beer in its own right.