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Thursday, 20 October 2011

Magic Rock Brewing Co.

Magic Rock Brewing Co are the best new brewery you've never heard of. They're based in Huddersfield, and represent the modern face of British brewing. Call it craft, real ale, whatever - you're wasting time with those words, just use your mouth to drink their beer!

Making unashamedly bold, hop-accented beers inspired by the craft beer revolution that's been happening in the USA for about the last 25 years, Magic Rock pack unprecedented levels of hop character into their beers, but never sacrificing that essential, more-ish drinkability that is the hallmark of a great British ale.

Local beer-nuts might know that brewer Stuart Ross has learnt his trade through some of the most iconic beers in south Yorkshire - Acorn, Kelham Island, and, err, the lesser-known Crown Brewery in Sheffield. What isn't in question is that the beers he's making at Magic Rock are some of the most exciting British-brewed beers you can buy today. So what are you waiting for - click here and buy some!