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Thursday, 24 November 2011

Buxton Brewery

You might have noticed that we like beer - something about the name, maybe? We do our best to try and track down both solid classics and new-wave icons, and our range reflects that. We love solid, brown beers like Orkney Red MacGregor with as much passion as we do the over-excited hop-bombs that everyone is talking about at present.

So we were delighted when one of our favourite new breweries managed to combine our love of solid maltiness with the exquisite tickle of hops in their new beers. Buxton Brewery High Tor is an India Red Ale. India Red Ale is set to be the new black (IPA) for 2012. It's got just the right balance of spicy caramel malt to bitter, fruity hop to make it full-on, and yet strangely more-ish. If that sounds too much, Wild Boar is currently setting peoples' palates alight with it's pale-malt-and-hops blast - really hoppy, but really easy drinking. And if the higher strength beers leave you cold, Moor Top is their delicious session ale, chock full of pithy hop character.

We love them, and as ever, we think you will too. Have a look at their full range here.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Magic Rock Brewing Co.

Magic Rock Brewing Co are the best new brewery you've never heard of. They're based in Huddersfield, and represent the modern face of British brewing. Call it craft, real ale, whatever - you're wasting time with those words, just use your mouth to drink their beer!

Making unashamedly bold, hop-accented beers inspired by the craft beer revolution that's been happening in the USA for about the last 25 years, Magic Rock pack unprecedented levels of hop character into their beers, but never sacrificing that essential, more-ish drinkability that is the hallmark of a great British ale.

Local beer-nuts might know that brewer Stuart Ross has learnt his trade through some of the most iconic beers in south Yorkshire - Acorn, Kelham Island, and, err, the lesser-known Crown Brewery in Sheffield. What isn't in question is that the beers he's making at Magic Rock are some of the most exciting British-brewed beers you can buy today. So what are you waiting for - click here and buy some!

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Sharp's Brewery

Sharp's Brewery in Cornwall has grown rapidly in recent years, culminating in its takeover by Molson Coors. Whatever the future may hold, there's no question that Doom Bar has become the fastest-growing real ale brand in the UK. Sharp's Brewery also lay claim to being the biggest consumer of whole cone hops in the UK. Traditional beers from traditional ingredients is a main focus, but that doesn't stop head brewer Stuart Howe flexing his creative muscle now and again. Chalky's Bite is a blonde beer matured over Cornish fennel seed. Monsieur Rock is a pale beer brewed to showcase the delicacy of the Saaz hop.

From classic English ales to more esoteric brews, Sharp's are the classic 'something for everyone' brewery. Check out their full range here.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Buxton Brewery

If you haven't heard of Buxton Brewery yet, chances are you soon will. They are crafting the sort of American-influenced ales that that are currently reinvigorating the British brewing scene. While they're not slavish clones of American beers, they do harness all the zippy exuberance of American hops, but all the while keeping an eye on the British brewing tradtion. The end result is wonderful mash-up of American flavour (or should that be flavor?) and British drinkabiity.

Double IPA - check (Axe Edge). Black IPA - check (Black Rocks). 100% Citra golden ale - check (Buxton SPA). Really, these guys are of the moment, and still pretty much unheard of.

As well as having these beers on the shelf of our Headingley shop, you can order them from our mail order service here.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Two new beers from The Bruery

Two beers from The Bruery that we're currently carrying. Limited stocks, shop only, not on mail order.

We also have Rugbrod and Saison Rue.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

2010 Sales Figures

Thanks for making 2010 another great year!

Just for your and our information, here's a list of the top ten bestselling beers in each category that we sold in 2010 through our shop in Headingley. The listing is ordered by retail value, so although we only sold 49 bottles of Deus, it's what put more money in the till.

Belgian Beers
Deus 75cl
Karmeliet Tripel 33cl
Kwak 33cl
Duvel 33cl
Leffe Bruin 33cl
Orval 33cl
Leffe Blonde 75cl
Chimay Blue 33cl
Leffe Blonde 33cl
Brugse Zot Blonde 33cl
Lindemans Framboise 25cl

British Beers
Copper Dragon Golden Pippin 50cl
Sam Smith Organic Raspberry Beer 35.5cl
Harviestoun Ola Dubh 12yr Old 33cl
Brewdog Punk IPA 33cl
Ilkley Gold 50cl
Ilkley Mary Jane 8s 50cl
Thornbridge Jaipur 50cl
Brewdog Hardcore IPA 33cl
Crabbies Ginger Beer 50cl
Samuel Smith Organic Strawberry Beer 35cl
Brewdog 5am Saint 33cl

World Beers
Budweiser Budvar 50cl
Corona 33cl
Desperados 33cl
Brooklyn Lager 33cl
Sierra Nevada Torpedo 35cl
Hirter Privat Pils 50cl
Fruli Strawberry 33cl
Anchor Steam Beer 35.5cl
VB Victoria Bitter Bottles 375ml
Modelo Especial 33cl

And here's the combined list of what did most by volume - notice how Belgian beer disappears:

Overall Top 10 Bestsellers by value:
Budweiser Budvar 50cl Bottle
Corona 33cl
Desperados 33cl
Brooklyn Lager 33cl
Copper Dragon Golden Pippin 50cl
Sierra Nevada Torpedo 35cl
Sam Smith Organic Raspberry Beer 35.5cl
Hirter Privat Pils 50cl
Harviestoun Ola Dubh 12yr Old 33cl
Fruli Strawberry 33cl