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Monday, 19 July 2010

The American Invasion

If you're a regular attendee of the Great British Beer Festival, then you'll know all about it - basically, Earls Court turns into a huge pub for the week, and 50,000 people visit. If you're a bit more of a beer geek, you might be aware of the Bieres Sans Frontieres bar, which showcases the best of the rest of the world's beer. There are always treats from the USA, Scandinavia, Germany and Holland, plus a few bits from everywhere else. You can have a look at their beer lists here.

It's a line up beers to make anyone envious, and in fact when we attended the festival last year, we were so envious that we thought 'hmm, I wonder how we can have a slice of this action?'. The good news is that after a few months of negotiation, it looks as though we will be buying a portion of the left over beers from the Bieres Sans Frontieres bar.

We're not totally sure that this is a done deal, and we're not totally sure how we're going to sell the beers when we get them - some will go into our Leeds shop, and some will be available through our mail order service. But it's all looking set to work - the only flaw might be that there aren't enough bottled beers left over to make up a full pallet. But with any luck, next month we'll be holding our own mini World Beer Festival - please do check back for updates, as it will go live first here.

And of course, don't forget to check out our usual huge online beer offering here.

Monday, 5 July 2010

American Independents Day

This is a bit of a mammoth video - in fact, it's a two-parter - but it seems that there is so much great beer in the United States that Zak couldn't stop himself!

It's true that some of the most exciting beers in the world are brewed in the USA. But there is still a huge resistance to that idea by British drinkers. But from the easy drinkability of good quality 'gateway' beers like Sam Adams Boston Lager, Anchor Steam and Brooklyn lager, to the bigger-bodied hop hits of Sierra Nevada, Dogfish Head and Flying Dog. In fact, Sierra Nevada is a beer that so wonderfully drinkable that in about 4 years, we've only met one person who tried it and didn't like it.

This mixed case is a great collection of beers. Brooklyn Lager, Boston Lager and Anchor Steam are great to drink on their own. The Sierra Nevada, Dogfish 60, Hop Devil and Goose Island are all better with food - nothing too fancy, just good Tex-Mex, or maybe even Indian or Thai curry. The Dogfish 90 and Raging Bitch are strong beers, and are a sheer indulgence on their own, or again, great with any rustic, spicy food.

If you like the look of the mixed pack, you can buy it from our online shop here. The selection is: 2 x Anchor Steam, 2 x Brooklyn Lager, 2 x Brooklyn East India Pale Ale, 2 x Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA, 1 x Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA, 2 x Flying Dog Classic Pale Ale, 2 x Flying Dog IPA, 1 x Flying Dog Raging Bitch, 2 x Goose Island IPA, 2 x Sam Adams Boston Lager, 2 x Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, 2 x Sierra Nevada Torpedo, 2x Victory Hop Devil IPA.