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Wednesday, 19 May 2010

BrewDog's Core Range: No Bull, Just Great Beer.

Amid all the hoopla of one-off conceptual beer brands (the Abstrakt range), world's strongest beers (formerly 32%abv Tactical Nuclear Penguin, now 41%abv Sink The Bismarck), and authority baiting "intergalactic fantastic" imperial stouts (18.2%abv Tokyo*), it's easy to lose sight of what BrewDog do best - brew really high-quality, exciting and drinkable beers.

To underline this fact, our resident beer expert Zak Avery has tasted a few of their core beers, and gives his verdict on them. Punk IPA, Trashy Blonde and 5am Saint are all currently available, although 77 Lager is out of stock (there is a supply problem at the brewery). If you want to mix a case of 24, we suggest you add 3 of BrewDog's black lager Zeitgeist, and 3 of their Hardcore IPA. You can see Zak's video below.

Hardcore IPA recently won gold at the World Beer Cup, giving a Glasgow kiss and a hearty Bronx cheer to the 68 other beers entered in the same class (Imperial India Pale Ale). So you can get a bottle of world class beer for less than the price of a pint of ordinary lager at the pub. If that's not a great deal, then you can use our eye sockets as bottle-openers.

Peruse our BrewDog selection by clicking here, and welcome the Dandy BrewPunks of Fraserburgh into your life.

Monday, 10 May 2010

Marble Brewery, Manchester.

We're very excited to have struck up a new relationship with Marble Brewery in Manchester. We've been stocking their beers for a while at the shop in Headingley, but we are just about to start taking larger deliveries from them straight into our warehouse. This means that the beers will also be offered through our mail order service, as singles rather than the mixed case that we are currently offering.

The brewery started out as a brewpub, but they have recently moved to a new brewery a few hundred yards away. This has allowed them to increase their output somewhat, but as with all good things, there's a bit of a catch. They are fanatical about making their beer as good as it possibly can be, and this includes giving all their bottles an extended period of conditioning at the brewery before release. This means that the quality is consistently high, but supplies can be a little hit-and-miss, although this is likely to ease as production slowly increases.

You can have a look at our latest tasting video below. Resident beer geek Zak Avery emerges from the cellar to taste his way through the three Marble beers that make up our mixed pack. You can watch him, work up a thirst, and then buy the pack by clicking here: