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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

News of The Brews - January 2016

We’re not sure what Arbor Ales are putting in their beers at the moment – we think it’s mostly hops – but it’s clear that everyone is enjoying it. We have some old favourites back in stock – Why Kick A Moo Cow (5.5% New Zealand pale ale), C-Bomb (4.7% Citra-heavy pale ale), plus some new beers too – Boomtown Brown (5.3% hoppy American rye beer), Some Kind of Wise Guy (4.6% Citra-spiked American pale ale), The Devil Made Me Brew It (5.5% hoppy stout), and Gingerbread Saison (6.2%, with stem ginger). If that’s not enough to set your pulse racing, you need to seek medical help.

Buxton Brewery were very highly rated by the online community in many year-end polls - correctly, in our opinion. We have Wild Boar (5.7% pale ale) and Axe Edge (6.8% IPA) back in stock, plus some more Double Axe (10% double IPA, catch it while you can), Trolltunga (6.3% gooseberry sour IPA), plus a many others as listed.

Tempest Brewery continue their irresistible rise to greatness, combining alarmingly reasonable prices with stunningly well-made beers – they’re our tip for 2016, if you haven’t tried them yet. We have good stocks of their hop-heavy core beers – Armadillo (3.8% session ale), Face With No Name (6% IPA), Long White Cloud (5.6% American pale ale), Brave New World (7.4% IPA) – plus limited stocks of their wonderful barrel-aged Scotch ale Old Parochial (10%)

Siren Craft Brew have unleashed yet more of their ambrosial Caribbean Chocolate Cake (7.4%) on the world – and with a wintry turn on the weather, it couldn’t be better timed. Also new out, Pompelmocello (6% IPA with grapefruit and lactose), and a welcome return to their dry-hopped Berliner weisse Calypso (4%). Plus lots more – do check out the list.

Weird Beard have re-brewed their popular chokeberry (no, it’s real, honest) IPA Safeword (6.6%), and we have the current release of their double IPA Holy Hoppin’ Hell (9.5%). Plus of course we have plenty of their core range beers too.

The phrase “brand extension” makes me want to slam my fingers in a drawer and run screaming from such hideous marketing speak, but that’s just what Harviestoun have done with their luscious porter Old Engine Oil. A little tweak with raspberries has given us Raspy Engine (5.3%). It’s Old Engine Oil with added raspberries. What’s not to like?

And continuing the “brand extension” (*gags*) theme, one of our most popular beers, Wiper & True’s delicious milk stout Milk Shake has been given a bit of a re-boot by the brewery. Hard Shake (6.1%) is a slightly tweaked and boosted version. It’s like Milk Shake, but more so. I’m not sure what else to say.

And finally, late for Christmas (as it always is), but still a welcome sight, Sierra Nevada Celebration (6.8%) has just taken up temporary residency in the warehouse.

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