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Friday, 9 November 2012


The phrase "be careful what you wish for" has never rung more true than when this picture popped up in our timeline on Twitter. Sure, we suggested that Mark send us a photo of him modelling his high-fashion hula-style skirt, made from the shredded cardboard that we use to pack our mail order boxes, but we never ACTUALLY thought that he'd do it!

[PREACHY BIT - SKIP OVER IF EASILY BORED] We bought a cardboard shredder this year to move a bit closer to being a zero-waste producing business. So rather than the corn-starch poly chips that we have been using (which are fully compostable/biodegradable, by the way), we are moving over to using all-cardboard packaging, which is easier for you, dear drinker, to recycle at your end. [PREACHY BIT ENDS]

Anyway, to show that we are as good as our word, we are announcing a competition! Yes, because Christmas just isn't fun enough, we want to know what you've been doing with the packaging from the boxes that we've been sending you. Perhaps you've lined the gerbil cage with them, or created a Wizard Of Oz Scarecrow costume for Halloween. Maybe you are insulating your cold frame with them, or perhaps you've sprayed them gold and used them as an attractive centrepiece for a swanky dinner party.

To be honest, we had no idea that anyone would do anything other than recycle it, but looking at Mark's pants peeking out from under his hula skirt, we now realise that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

Should you end up with a box that doesn't have any cardboard in - at this time of year, we literally can't shred cardboard fast enough - then have a bash at doing something creative with the green biodegradable polychips. Perhaps glue them to your face, mould them into reindeer, or create a nativity scene from a far off planet. The only limit is your imagination, and a slightly disturbed sense of humour.

Please send your entries to, and put "Competition" in the subject. We will be running this until mid-December, and the winning entry (or, god help us, entries) will receive a little something from us in time for Christmas. Mark's entry is the benchmark for the competition - if nobody does any better, then Mark will win by default!

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