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Friday, 9 November 2012


The phrase "be careful what you wish for" has never rung more true than when this picture popped up in our timeline on Twitter. Sure, we suggested that Mark send us a photo of him modelling his high-fashion hula-style skirt, made from the shredded cardboard that we use to pack our mail order boxes, but we never ACTUALLY thought that he'd do it!

[PREACHY BIT - SKIP OVER IF EASILY BORED] We bought a cardboard shredder this year to move a bit closer to being a zero-waste producing business. So rather than the corn-starch poly chips that we have been using (which are fully compostable/biodegradable, by the way), we are moving over to using all-cardboard packaging, which is easier for you, dear drinker, to recycle at your end. [PREACHY BIT ENDS]

Anyway, to show that we are as good as our word, we are announcing a competition! Yes, because Christmas just isn't fun enough, we want to know what you've been doing with the packaging from the boxes that we've been sending you. Perhaps you've lined the gerbil cage with them, or created a Wizard Of Oz Scarecrow costume for Halloween. Maybe you are insulating your cold frame with them, or perhaps you've sprayed them gold and used them as an attractive centrepiece for a swanky dinner party.

To be honest, we had no idea that anyone would do anything other than recycle it, but looking at Mark's pants peeking out from under his hula skirt, we now realise that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

Should you end up with a box that doesn't have any cardboard in - at this time of year, we literally can't shred cardboard fast enough - then have a bash at doing something creative with the green biodegradable polychips. Perhaps glue them to your face, mould them into reindeer, or create a nativity scene from a far off planet. The only limit is your imagination, and a slightly disturbed sense of humour.

Please send your entries to, and put "Competition" in the subject. We will be running this until mid-December, and the winning entry (or, god help us, entries) will receive a little something from us in time for Christmas. Mark's entry is the benchmark for the competition - if nobody does any better, then Mark will win by default!

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Christmas 2012

You might be in denial, but Christmas is coming, as it does every year. We hope that we’re ahead of the curve with this one, and we are now holding stocks of some old Christmas favourites, and some rather more exotic seasonal offerings.The Elf Army of RIDGEWAY BREWING are now available: Bad Elf (4.5%, 12x50cl), Very Bad Elf (7.5%, 12x50cl), Seriously Bad Elf (9%, 12x50cl), and Insanely Bad Elf (11.2%, 24x33cl). Also from Ridgeway, Warm Welcome (12x50cl, 6%), Santa’s Butt (12x50cl, 6%) Lump of Coal (12x50cl 8%) and Reindeer’s Revolt (12x50cl, 6%).

Local to us, NAYLOR’S BREWERY of Keighley have almost as prolific a range of seasonally-inspired beers. Santa’s Dark Side (4.4%, 12x50cl), Scrooge’s Xmas Barrel (5.9%, 12x50cl), Winter Warmer (4.9%, 12x50cl), Christmas Lights (3.8%, 12x50cl). Sam Smith’s Winter Welcome (6%, 12x55cl) is also currently gracing the shelves of our warehouse.Now, let’s ring the changes. Ding dong. We’ve got some Christmas beers from our favourite Danish beer mavens, MIKKELLER and TO ØL. From Mikkeller we have the spiced porter Fra Via Til (From Via To – it’s got a gift tag as a label, so you can just write the names on and ta-dah! An instant gift, 8%, 6x75cl), spiced Belgian-style quadruple Santa’s Little Helper (10.9%, 6x75cl), and the winter IPA spiced with ginger and pine Hoppy Loving Christmas (7.8%, 24x33cl). We also have the dessert beer Ris a la M’ale based on the Danish pudding risalamande – a sweet beer made with cherries and almonds. From To Øl, we have a dry-hopped saison designed to be the antidote to all the rich Christmas fare, Snowball (8%, 6x75cl).

Mikkeller and To Ol - Glædelig Jul!

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

The Hop Studio

No, we'd never heard of them either, but why let that stop you?

We get sent lots of samples, and although it's hard to believe, tasting them is hard work. Quite often, we're disappointed with what we've been sent, and politely say so. Sometimes, we like a couple of beers from a range, and hum and hah about listing just a part of a brewery's range. And sometimes, the quality is good enough that we list the whole range. That's what we thought about these beers from The Hop Studio.

The stand-out beer is the 3.5%abv Blonde, all pithy hops and a boldly bitter finish. The 4%abv Pilsner does what it says on the tin, and while "clean and crisp" is a hopelessly overused phrase, this is just that. The Gold at 4.5%abv is a medium-bodied pale golden ale, with sweet pale malt and floral and citrus hops in balance, making an easy-drinking, uncomplicated beer.XS at 5.5%abv is the big boy of the bunch, providing a full-bodied pale malt base for a good dollop of hop character to bounce against.

You can buy these at our shop in Headingley, Leeds, or by mail order here.

Friday, 17 August 2012

Mikkeller - So Good, The Danes Hate To See It Leave

It's hard dealing with a brewer who weaves his beers out of hummingbird tears and unicorn dreams. They are such rare and brilliant creatures that the supply of them is hit and miss at best, and when they are available, they disappear as quickly as a cloud of fairy breath on a cold day.

Happily, we've managed to lay in a bit of stock of Mikkeller's finest. Ready to go, right here, right now, we have the benchmark imperial coffee stout Beer Geek Breakfast (7.5%abv), brown ale Jackie Brown (5.9%abv), Koppi IPA (6.9%, and made with a very light roast coffee), Sort Gul (7.3%abv black IPA), and American Dream (4.6%abv hoppy pilsner). You can revel in their incandescent beauty here.

And as if this wasn't enough, one of Mikkel's compadres Tore Gynther, brewing as To Øl, has kindly sent us some of his wares - Mocchaccino Messiah, a 7%abv brown porter with coffee, chocolate and lactose, Reperationsbajer, a 5.8%abv American pale ale, and Sans Frontiere, a 7% Belgian-style wild ale. Check them out here, afore it be too late.

Friday, 3 August 2012


Lager is one of those words that has become debased by over-use. The world's most widely consumed beer style has become shorthand for a sort of mass-produced product that some sectors of the market turn their noses up at. Which is a shame, because there are some real classics that fall under the "lager" heading.

Starting at the bone-dry end of the spectrum, Jever Pilsener is a pale and pungently hoppy pils that demonstrates what can be achieved with hops and little hop extract. Dry and bitter, this is a great aperitif. Moving into a slightly more balanced area, German and Czech beers such as Krombacher Pils, Augustiner Helles and Budweiser Budvar showcase a perfect balance of pale malt and noble hop character.

From there, you can go in one of two directions - more hops (Mikkeller P1 is a brilliant dry-hopped lager), or more malt, giving a fuller body and more alcohol. Alhambra Reserva is the only one of the Alhambra range that we stock - we delisted the others for being not being distinctive enough - but the Reserva at 6.4%abv is a full-bodied, malty delight.

And then we have Brew Star Anarchy Lager. At 7%abv, this is a smooth and luscious interpretation of a German bock beer, with sweet malt firmly in the foreground, but with a light dusting of hops keeping everything in its place in the finish. It's a bold beer to launch on to the market at a time when everyone seems to be obsessed with hops, but like everything we stock, we tried it, we liked it, and we think you will too, not just as a point of difference, but as a great beer in its own right.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Fyne Ales Storm The Board!

When we listed Fyne Ales at the start of this year, we did so because we believed that their beers were great quality. It was sort of a no-brainer - not only is Jarl one of the best sub-4%abv beers out there, the rest of the range are pretty special too. Now they've just scooped a handful of medals at the International Beer Challenge.

The judges awarded two gold medals for Jarl and Hurricane Jack. Highlander achieved a silver medal, while Vital Spark and Maverick were both awarded
bronze medals.

Commenting on the this year’s success Fyne Ales Managing Director Jamie Delap said, “This is the third year that we have won two gold medals at the International Beer Challenge, and it is great to see that our beers repeatedly winning in competition with some of the best craft beers from around the world. Every beer we entered this year won a medal, which is a great testament to the quality of our beers across our range"

Earlier in the summer Fyne Ales also received six awards at the Society of Independent Brewers Scottish regional competition with the brewery claiming five gold medals and one bronze. They also won CAMRA Scotland’s Champion Best Bitter of Scotland for the second year running.

Click here to browse the full range - also available at our store in Headingley, Leeds.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Mail-Order Disruption During The Olympics

We have just been informed by our couriers that there may be some service disruption during the Olympics and Paralympics.

They are unable to guarantee next day deliveries, although they do not anticipate more than 24 hours disruption in most instances. Affected postcodes are close to sports venues being used by the Olympics and Paralympics.

Some postcodes may only be affected for a few days, others will suffer a delay for the during of the entire 2012 Olympics.

Postcodes that are affected are as follows: DA2-4, DT1-5, E1-18, E1W, EC1-4 (plus all suffixes), EN7-10, GU4-5, GU22-23, HA9, IG1, IG4, IG7, IG8, IG11, KT1-2, KT4-6, KT10-14, KT18, KT20, KT22, KT24, N1-8, N15-22, NW1, NW8, NW10, RH4-5, RM9, RM13, RM15, SE1-18, SL1-6, SW1-19 (plus all suffixes), TW1, TW10-11, TW19, UB3-7, UB10, W1-14 (plus all suffixes), WC1-2 (plus all suffixes)

We would like to apologise in advance for any disruption. Not only is it out of our control, it's also out of our couriers' control too. Console yourself with glorious victories in the cycling - that's got to be worth a bit of cheer, hasn't it. Raise a glass to Bradley Wiggins, Chris Hoy, Mark Cavendish and Chris Froome. Makes you proud, doesn't it? Wiggins is the first Brit ever to win the Tour de France - GET IN, WIGGO!

Image from Pure Evil.

Friday, 13 July 2012

Buongiorno BrewFist!

Italian craft beer has had a bit of a chequered reputation in this country. The standard fare - Peroni, Moretti, Poretti, Woteveretti - are decent enough beers, but despite having one of the most vibrant craft brewing scenes in Europe, Italian craft beer has never really taken off here. There might be a lot of reasons for this - American beer generally delivers more on flavour, with more hoppy bangs for your buck, and the insistence of some italian brewers having their own bottles specially made has certainly added a price premium to the sector.

We think that the wait is over with this range of BrewFist beers. Don't think of them as Italian craft beers - think of them as American craft beers brewed in Italy! 24K (4.6%abv) is a golden ale, full-bodied with a snappy hop finish. Caterpillar (5.8%abv) is a collaboration with hip Danish micro Beer Here, full of aromatic New Zealand hops. Burocracy (6%abv) is an IPA firmly in the American craft style, as is Spaceman (7%abv), a double IPA full of juicy tropical fruit aromas and a pithy orange finish. Fear (5.2%abv) is a milk chocolate stout, creamy and luscious.

And of course, with beers like this, freshness is a key issue. These haven't spent 2 months in transit from the other end of America, these have been brewed in Northern Italy, and delivered to us in a matter of weeks. They taste ALIVE!

 Big, bold, brilliant beers. Buongiorno BREWFIST!

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Unsolicited Compliments

It's always nice when people say good things about you. We think that we deliver faster, pack better, and faff less than any other mail-order beer company. If the beer is available on the website, then that means it's in stock in our warehouse, and if you order it before midday, you can expect it to be delivered on the next working day (we don't offer a Saturday delivery service).

We strive to deliver a top-notch service, and on the odd occasion when things go wrong, we make sure that we put things right in a way that leaves people satisfied. Happily, things don't go wrong too often, and we've worked hard to ensure our online service is one of the best out there. It seems that our work is finally paying off, as the comments made earlier on Twitter show.

If you're lucky enough to live near Leeds, then you should also check out our bricks-and-mortar shop in Far Headingley (click here for a link to the Google maps place page). They have a slightly more awesome range of beers than we offer online, and have a slightly more awesome set of good-looking, smiley and knowledgeable beer geeks and booze nerds on hand to advise you. Online or in person, thanks for the support. Cheers!

(PS - @hackneyhaz and @davisonram, if you read this, drop us an email via the Contact Us form next time you order, and we'll pop a little something in by way of thanks...)

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Revolutions Brewing Co.

Revolutions Brewing Co are based in the current hotbed of microbrewery excellence that is West Yorkshire. Their love of great beer, great music and the independent spirit that inspires it is evident in what they do. The current bottled range includes: Manifesto Stout (6%abv), Beat Red (4.5%abv, red ale), Clash London Porter (4.5%abv, American-style porter) and Devolution Amber (4.5%abv, American amber ale). Revolutions Brewing Co have also produced the official beer of International Record Store Day, Revolver (4.5%abv, pale and hoppy), available from 6th April.

We're delighted to have such a great brewer on our doorstep, and doubly delighted to be their online partners, both for their regular range, and also for Record Store Day. Buy their beers here.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Moor Beer Co.

Are Moor Beer Co. one of Britain's best-kept beer secrets? For a brewery that has been in business for over 15 years, and racked up numerous awards and accolades from all areas of the beer drinking public, from CAMRA to, they certainly seem to have kept a low(ish) profile.

Under the current stewardship of Justin and Maryann Hawke, Moor produce classic English ales with a twist. As they say on their website, their beers fuse "the wonders of real ale with the aggressively flavoured beers of [Justin's] native California".

With a nod to the double IPAs of the West Coast, their most celebrated and decorated beer is JJJ IPA. However, as a protest against the introduction of Higher Strength Beer Duty in October 2011, Moor Beer Co. have withdrawn this beer from sale in the UK. You can read about their frustration with the tax here, and sign the e-petition to have HSBD reviewed here. So if you agree to lobby the legislators, we'll gently lobby Moor for a limited release of this stunning beer. Until that day, you'll have to console yourself with some of their other excellent offerings.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

New Beer Sampler

It's a terrible cliché to say that we work really hard to bring you the best beers we can, but we really do work hard to bring you the best beers we can!

It's not often that we get ourselves in a lather about a mixed pack, but we're really pleased with this one. Not only does it feature some of the cream of the contemporary British brewing scene, but also a couple of bottles from Danish brewer Mikkeller - if you've never experience what Mikkel Borg Bjergso can do with hops, then you're in for a treat!

The picture only tells part of the story - there are 12 different beers in the pack, and if you want to see what the rest of it is, then mosey over to our web shop and have a look. You won't regret it.