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Monday, 26 April 2010

Beer and Food - Aparagus and Belgian Tripels

Much to our delight, the first English asparagus is now in the shops. Bigger, fresher and more flavoursome than any imported asparagus, this is something of a turning point in the food calendar. Winter is behind us, and summer is on its way. Sure, there might be a lot of rain to put up with until summer really hits, but it's coming.

Asparagus is a pretty versatile vegetable - you can steam it, fry it, bake it in a quiche or make soup from it. It's quite a grown-up pleasure, as it has a characteristic herbal bitterness to it, but bitterness is something that a mature palate can appreciate. Of course, bitterness is also to be found in beer, provided by the flowers of the hop plant. If you can see where we're going with this, it won't come as a surprise to hear that asparagus and beer are a great match. But which beer?

The best match that we've found is with the abbey and Trappist tripels of Belgium, those strong, pale beers with a herbal hop edge. Top of the tree in terms of matching with asparagus is Westmalle Tripel - there is something herbal in the beer that matches perfectly the flavour of the asparagus, and in fact if you watch the video below, you'll see a great way to cook it, and a few beers to try with it. As Zak shows in the video, there are plenty of other beers that will match griddled asparagus: tripels from Maredsous, St Bernardus, St Feuillien, and La Trappe. Or if you want to have a look at the range, click on one of the two spellings the word: tripel or triple.

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